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John Gold is an expedition company that offers services for the organization of transportation and delivery of goods. In addition to transportation by various modes of transport, including multimodal, container and combined, we provide various related services.

You can order from us both the registration of sea freight, forwarding and the removal of containers from the port.

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Air transportation

We organize air transportation from different parts of the world to the Russian Federation. Cargo delivery by air is often required in cases when it is necessary to bring the cargo in the shortest possible time, or we are talking about an expensive product. Features of air delivery:

  • possibility to receive the goods within 1-5 days from the moment of ordering the goods;
  • it is necessary to take into account the requirements and restrictions of air carriers;
  • registration of special documents.

Road transport

Our company organizes turnkey road freight transportation, including combined – with a change of vehicle en route, as well as as a link of multimodal transportation. When carrying out road transportation, depending on the characteristics of the cargo, we use:

  • Trucks;
  • Refrigerated and insulated transport;
  • Container ships.

Container removal from the port

Transportation of goods by sea lines involves unloading at the port of destination and placement at the terminal for the passage of mandatory procedures. In order to remove the container from the port after their completion, our specialists carry out:

  • intraport forwarding, paying fees and charges;
  • registration of a permit for the entry of a car to the port terminal;
  • registration of a permit for export from the port;
  • loading the container onto a motor vehicle.


The import of goods is a set of operations for the import of products from abroad. John Gold Company provides full import support, including:

  • route development and transport selection (combinations of vehicles);
  • export of goods from the country of departure;
  • cargo transportation;
  • delivery to the recipient.


Refrigerated transportation allows you to deliver perishable and other goods that require compliance with a special temperature and (or) humidity regime. As part of refueling, we:

  • we organize reliable transportation along the shortest route in the shortest possible time;
  • we provide multi-temperature refrigerators;
  • we transport different types of goods (food, fruit and vegetable products, fresh flowers and plants, medicinal and veterinary drugs, and so on).


John Gold Company successfully cooperates with Russian exporters, providing services for:

  • placing the cargo in storage;
  • delivery to the recipient;
  • registration in the country of destination.

Container transportation

We organize container transportation by various modes of transport, including automobile container ships of different configurations (standard, low-frame, etc.). For loading and unloading, we use special crane equipment and securely secure the cargo.

Depending on the characteristics of the cargo, we use the following types of containers:

  • universal 20-footers of different tonnage;
  • universal 40-foot;
  • refcontainers;
  • tank containers;
  • bulk;
  • others depending on the client’s request.

Sea freight

At the request of the client, we rent places for transportation on a ship of the sea line. We select a vessel or a place on it of a suitable tonnage, draw up a contract of sea transportation with the shipowner. The cost of sea freight includes:

  • the base rate, depending on the length of the route and the dimensions of the cargo;
  • additional fees (surcharge for bunker fuel, for currency fluctuations, for other risks;
  • payments depending on the terms of delivery under Incoterms;
  • cargo handling fees (unloading of goods at the port, storage along the side, etc.).

Multimodal transportation

We organize multimodal (mixed) cargo transportation in Russia and from abroad. We are building a logistics chain with a change of mode of transport within the framework of a single contract along the route:

  • we strictly observe the schedule and the period of transportation;
  • we combine different types of transport;
  • we provide safe repacking ;
  • we conduct round-the-clock monitoring of transportation.


When concluding a contract of carriage, the freight forwarder’s liability insurance service is included in the price. You can also additionally insure the cargo to cover events related to its damage or complete destruction during transportation:

  • theft, robbery, assault;
  • accident caused by the driver;
  • fire;
  • other cases of loss or damage of cargo en route.


As part of transit transportation, we ensure the movement of cargo from one country to another through the territory of a third state or several states. Transit transportation is necessary when there is no single border between the countries of departure and destination, or such transportation is more optimal in terms of time and price. Transit requires compliance with a number of features and a professional approach to the organization, including:

  • knowledge of the legislative and customs requirements of the countries through whose territories the route runs;
  • methods and features of passing the state border;
  • a thorough study of the route taking into account costs, geopolitical and weather conditions;
  • knowledge of the requirements of state bodies for the registration of transit documents.


Our company provides full transport support services, including:

  • organization of transportation;
  • choosing the optimal route and method of transportation;
  • ensuring the safety of cargo;
  • guarantee of timely delivery to the destination.